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Absolute fire, art style bangs, animations bang and the core mechanic is satisfying and rather calming to perform

This game actually slaps. Spent a good 2 hours on the grind and didnt get bored. Top stuff on this one. ps the tune goes hard.

Really fun when the asteroids start coming more quickly and you have to be more strategic about which ones you pick up first.

That was something that I was aiming to achieve so I'm glad you said that. Part of what affects the asteroid spawn rate is the minutes that have passed on the timer, so thats why for the first minute there is only ever one asteroid and the difficulty increases from there.

I really like how cohesive your art style is and it was nice to be able to hit asteroids away from the station with other asteroids (though it's a shame you couldn't hit the in to the void).

Hey Snail Rhymer thank you for the feedback! I was thinking about having it that the asteroids could be knocked in as well. But then it felt like they may just float in without you doing any work. But perhaps I could've figured some other work around though.

When I was playing, I was focusing more on trying to keep the space station safe than trying to rack up a high score. I guess it depends on your vision of the game, but leaning in to the survival aspect of it could make it less important whether the player got an asteroid in or not.